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Dzadzamidze Leopold

Leopold Dzadzamidze is one of the most prominent figures in the soviet Georgian painting. In socialistic realism and post-Stalinist painting out of European tendencies acceptable was only impressionistic style because this last one depicted the plot legibly for ordinary people and rejected avant-garde signs. Most of the Georgian painters in the 1950-60s created impressionistic artworks: Jibson Jukhandze, Edmond Kalandadze, Apolon Kutateladze, etc. Their impressionistic works display the first stage of aforementioned painters’ creativity. Leopold Dazadzamidze belongs to them, who chose impressionism as a leading tendency and almost many works in his creativity are painted in this style. Impressionism certainly represented an artistic position; with this last one painter rejected soviet ideology and unified European, Georgian and Russian cultural models.

Leopold Dzadzamidze
Date of Birth/Death1922-1966Share

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