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Mamuka Mikeladze
Year of birth1959Share

Mikeladze Mamuka

Mamuka Mikeladze (b. 1959) exhibitions have been held in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Azerbaijan, Russia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and Great Britain. Over three decades, the artist has organized 15 solo exhibitions, participated in more than 30 group exhibitions, and painted ten churches in Georgia and one in France – St. Tamar’s Georgian Orthodox Church in Paris. Mamuka Mikeladze’s painting is characterized by stylized mystical images, which evoke a sense of mystery, and the alternation of colours creates the illusion of volume and space. He often depicts animals using plant and geometric motifs as a background. His inspiration is often based on the information from mythology, the Bible, and everyday life. Due to the deformation, generalization, expressiveness, and unique combinations, some of his works are characterized by an unreal and mystical atmosphere. The principle of the artist is the abundance of symbols and stylistic diversity – polystylism (not eclecticism).In his works, we meet a lot of animals and mythical and Biblical characters filled with positive energy. In his works, one can feel the experience gained while working on the mural painting for years. It is hard to attribute Mamuka Mikeladze’s art to any particular genre; his works do not match any style. He is unique. The artist does not follow the path that has been walked once. The novelty and discovery of new, different accents of colours can be observed in each of his paintings. He is constantly in search of means of individual expression.

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