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Chirinashvili Grigol

Grigol Chirinashvili graduated from the Tbilisi Art Academy in 1943; He was a teacher at the same academy since 1965 (since 1982 – professor). He systematically participated in exhibitions. In 1978, he artistically decorated the Gurjaani Immigrant Memorial. Created images dedicated to the Tbilisi community, M. Sh. “Vano Sarajishvili” (1955),”Georgian Bread” (1970), “Firosmani” (1975) “My Tbilisi and Firosmani” (1979-1984), portraits of Vano Sarajishvili, Niko Firosmanashvili, Vazha-Pshavela and others. He has illustrated the works of Georgian writers, Niko Lomouri’s “Ali” (1956) and others.

Grigol Chirinashvili
Date of Birth/Death1918-1999Share