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Chakhoyantz Sergo (Chakho)

Sergo (Chakho) Chakhoyantz –  a representative of the 50s generation of Georgian painters of the last century, whose works have become known to the wide audience since the first decade of the 2000s, when, posthumously the succession of the artist’s personal exhibitions took place.

In the vast oeuvre of Chakhoyantz, the works of the late period painted with oil paints – multi-layered expressionist abstractions – both monochrome and pictorial are especially distinguished: the Sea and Nude series as well as landscapes and graphic works made in ink and watercolor.

Chakhoyants was born in Zestaponi.  At a time he worked at the Zestafon Ferro-alloy Plant. In 1949-54 he studied at the Tbilisi Academy of Art being a student of Sergo Kobuladze, Apollon Kutateladze and Parna Lapiashvili. The diploma work Steelworkers was made under the guidance of Apollon Kutateladze. He participated in exhibitions since 1953 and joined the Georgian Artists’ Union  in 1955.

Chakhoyantz’s works are kept in the National Art Gallery, in private collections in Georgia and France.

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Sergo (Chakho) Chakhoyanz
Date of Birth1926Date of Death2009Share