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Gikashvili Zurab

Zurab Gikashvili studied at the Tbilisi State Art Academy (1986-1992). He won an art competition in 1991 and was allowed to work in the first Mediterranean atelier in Gibellina, Italy, with the artist Marcus Luperzi. The competition was organized by Aquile Bonito Oliva. Zurab Gikashvili has collaborated with abstract artist Carla Accardi and sculptor Francesco Messina, the founder of “The Studio Francesco Messina Museum”. He also worked in the Moscow studio of Zurab Tsereteli, President of the Russian Academy of Arts (Russia). Zurab Gikashvili’s artworks are kept at the Gibellina Civic Museum of Contemporary Art and the State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow, Russia. The artist’s works were displayed at the Royal Academy of London Summer Exhibition in 2000. The exhibition was inaugurated by Georgian President Edward Shevardnadze. In 2010, Georgia was represented by Zurab Gikashvili at the Prague Biennale. His works are part of various collections, including “Huma Kabakcı”. Since 2013, the artist has collaborated with the German sculptor Anatol Herzfeld. In 2015, Zurab Gikashvili’s solo exhibition was held at the Karl Ernst Osthaus Museum in Hagen. In 2017, he created a saxophone sculpture for the Moers Jazz Festival.

Zurab Gikashvili
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