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Zautashvili Gela

Since the 1980s, Gela Zautashvili  has actively participated in various exhibitions in Georgia and abroad. Including: “Generation of the ‘80s” (Artist House, Tbilisi, 1986); “Retrospective of modern Georgian Art” (Central House of Artists, Moscow, USSR 1987); “Georgian Figurative Art” Hermitage Garden, Moscow, USSR and “The First Group Exhibition of Georgian Abstrac Painting” at State Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia (1987); “Vanguard – 88” at the Museum of Tbilisi, Georgia and “Eidos: the Idea of Plastic and Social” Gallery on Petrovka, Moscow, USSR (1988); “The Soviet Avant-Garde 1920-1980”, Arts Palace, Minsk, Belarus, (1989); Avant-Garde in Soviet Russia 1970-1980”, Foundation Vasarely, Aix-en-Provence, France (1989); East Wave “Red and White” Warsaw, Amsterdam (1989); “International Art Fair” Chicago. U.S (1989); Exhibition of Works of Soviet Artists, Gallery Bodenshatts, Basle, Switzerland, (1989); “Art” Melbourne, Australia (1990); and “ART MIF 2” Moscow International Art Fair, Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”, Moscow (1991). “…And though the painting of Gela Zautashvili is a painting, let’s be free from being spellbound from such kind of tautology. His work continues the high tradition of musical and plastic art’s mutual contiguity in the twentieth century, represented by coryphaei such as Scriabin, Kandinsky, Klee, Schoenberg, Mondrian, Cage, Pollock, Nuno, and other great artists”. – Writes Leonid Bazchanov, Head of the Center of Art Culture of Moscow.

Gela Zautashvili