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Zambakhidze Lali

Lali Zambakhidze (b. 1941) has been active in the creative field since the 1970s, and she has occupied a significant place in Georgian graphic art.

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1965, the young artist embarked on a challenging, but exciting, research-driven creative path to develop and establish an independent artistic style.

She works in  graphic art and animation and creates book illustrations and ex-librises. She works in  a variety of genres, including portraits, landscapes, life scenes, and compositions associated with world art. The artist embarks on a new phase of search into the possibilities of various graphic materials. In addition to etching techniques, she works in Sanguine and  monotype, a medium that allows the artist to express tremendous inner power. 

Lali Zambakhidze’s graphic art is being  regularly showcased both locally and internationally. Her works are kept in prestigious museums and private collections in Georgia and abroad.

Lali Zambakhidze
Date of Birth1941Share