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Varvaridze Alexander

Alexander Varvaridze is a visual artist best known for his paintings. He uses a very distinctive approach in his work consisting of figurative shapes and colors. His portraits show him as an emotional painter rather than a realist, which gives him a lot of room for interpretation. Alexander Varvaridze’s abstract work mobilizes the tensions and harmonies between matte surfaces, natural patterns, textures built with layered surfaces of oil paint and additional mediums. Alexander Varvaridze participates in international exhibitions. His last exhibition “A GoGo” was held in 2020 in Los Angeles at the joint initiative of Mesh Gallery and V. Hollywood. Alexander Varvaridze’s artworks are owned by private collections not only in Georgia but in many countries around the world. Alexander Varvaridze’s works are sold at international auctions. He lives and works in Tbilisi.

Alexander Varvaridze
Date of Birth1981Share