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Shvelidze Murtaz

Murtaz Shvelidze graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 1992. Murtaz Shvelidze’s path toward an independent creative life began at a time of immense political upheaval: in the 1990s, Tbilisi, which was a part of the post Soviet space, witnessed post-Perestroika conflicts and clashes between paramilitary groups. According to Murtaz Shvelidze: “Painting has always been the most important part of my life. It helped me greatly at that turning point for Georgia to express my feelings in artistic form and thus it continues to this day”. He attempts to examine the same topic from several perspectives and experiment with artistic styles. He applies the seriality principle. According to the artist, his works, which vary in form and content, always relate to different stages of his life. He primarily works in painting, although his 1999 installation “Old TVs” made a significant statement in the field of Georgian contemporary art. Among the artist’s shows, “Landscapes” at the “Old Gallery” in 1997, and “Spying” and “Detectio”, organized in collaboration with the Dedicace Gallery, are noteworthy.

Murtaz Shvelidze
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