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Shukhaev Vasily

Russian and Soviet painter, graphic artist, stage designer, teacher, honored art worker of the Georgian SSR, was born in Moscow. He is a man and an artist of a difficult fate. Having lived a long, eventful life, he became a living history, a bridge connecting the second half of our century with the beginning of the century, in the artistic events of which Shukhaev was directly involved. In 1897, Vasily Shukhaev entered the Imperial Stroganov School of Industrial Art, studied with K. A. Korovin, I. I. Nivinsky, I. V. Zholtovsky. In 1906, after graduating from the minting class in Stroganovka, after preparatory classes in the private studio of S. M. Dudin and N. N. Gerardov, Shukhaev entered the Higher Art School at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, and in 1908 was accepted into the workshop of D. N Kardovsky. From trip to Finland, In 1921, Shukhaev arrived in Paris, where Yakovlev helped a friend engage in teaching: a few weeks after his arrival, Shukhaev began teaching at their own art school-workshop on Campagne Premiére in the 14th district of Paris. For less than fourteen years in France, Shukhaev created hundreds of paintings, drawings, theater sketches, book illustrations, and monumental and decorative works. He painted mainly genre paintings, still lifes, landscapes. At the beginning of 1935, Shukhaev returned to the USSR and began to teach at the Academy of Arts – both in Leningrad and Moscow. And in 1947 he moved to Tbilisi and became a teacher, led a drawing class in the Tbilisi Academy of Arts (from October 1948 – professor of the department of drawing). In the next 10 years, he was mainly engaged in Georgian landscapes, still lifes, genre scenes, and in the late 1950s he became interested in portraits using the encaustic technique – another appeal to the art of previous eras, the interest in which he carried through all life’s hardships. In the 1960s, Shukhaev mainly worked on the motives and sketches of his many travels – in the south of France, Corsica, Spain and Morocco – and even rewritten some of his French landscapes. Today his works are in many museums in Georgia, Russia and the CIS countries.

Vasily Shukhaev
Date of Birth/Death1887-1973Share