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Karlo Pachulia
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Pachulia Karlo

Karlo Pachulia is an artist who specializes in easel painting, graphics, and the design of books, illustrations, and exlibris. He received his preliminary art education at the Kutaisi Art School (1955-59); he studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Faculty of Graphics (1964–70), and at the Creative Workshop of the Academy of Arts (1972-75); he was a scenic painter at Georgian Television from 1969 to 1973; he has been the art editor of the newspapers “Literary Georgia” (since 1985) and “Komagi” (Fan/Supporter) since 1998. Karlo Pachulia is the author of several novels. He was named Laureate of the Ilia Chavchavadze and David Kakabadze Prizes in 2008, as well as a Knight of the Order of Merit (2002). Karlo Pachulia specializes in graphic techniques like etching and lithography. His preferred mediums are ink and pen, which he primarily employs for sketches. His works are perfect, emotional, and boldly created compositions that are the result of the artist’s skilful mastery of the material. The artist’s oeuvre covers a wide range of subjects, including views of old Tbilisi and scenes depicting human life. The artist’s painting style is bold, free, and appears to be spontaneous… You can perceive the city’s magic: the houses of old Tbilisi that are intimately connected to their inhabitants; the curious women and children peering out their balconies at their neighbours gathered in the inner yards. Each of the dozen books he has designed and illustrated is a visual representation of the book’s content.

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