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Zhani Medzmariashvili
Birth And Death1925-1989Share

Medzmariashvili Zhani

Zhani (Zhango) Medzmariashvili is a representative of a generation called “50s Generation”. The generation, which went through a difficult childhood due to political repressions and the Second World War, developed the most important cultural processes in the country at the end of the 50s – a new worldview and a new artistic approach. In the early 1960s, the artist created his landmark artwork “Billposter”. The artwork has become one of the icon of Georgian painting of the sixties – Medzmariashvili as a free-thinking artist with the monumental style and contrasting pictorial speech. Zhani Medzmariashvili was born in Kutaisi. He studied at the art school named after Yakob Nikoladze (1941-1944). His teacher was Valentin Sherpilov. Zhani Medzmariashvili studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 1944-1952. Zhani Medzmariashvili’s work includes several genres: portraits, landscapes and still lifes.. 



In the early 1960s, Zhani Medzmariashvili created his landmark artwork “Billposter”.

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