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Malkhaz Khukhashvili
Date of birth1942Share

Kukhashvili Malkhaz

Malkhaz Kukhashvili, an Honored Artist of Georgia, began his artistic career in the late 1960s. He mainly works in the
field of drawing. He has been the art director of numerous fiction, musical, documentary, and stage plays for the Rustaveli
Theatre. He has made several posters and playbills as well. In 1968, Malkhaz Kukhashvili started working for the Georgian State
Television. From 1982 to 1993, he held the position of the main artist on television. Since 2000, he has been teaching at the TV/
Film Studio and the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tbilisi State University. Since 1968, he has been actively participating in exhibitions
in Georgia and abroad. He is a member of the Georgian Artists Union and the Cinematographers Union. Malkhaz Kukhashvili
is the author of several hundred paintings and has designed not only children’s books but also books of various contents and
genres – novels, poems, detective, historical, and scientific works. Kukhashvili creates ex-libris, illustrations, and designs masterful
book mockups using a delicate combination of artistic scripts and decorative elements. He actively collaborated with
the magazine “Chveni Mtesrloba” (Our Literature). Malkhaz Kukhashvili has made a special contribution to children’s magazine
painting. Since 1968, he has been actively involved in the artistic design of the magazine “Dila” (Morning).

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