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Imerlishvili Vladimer (Valo)

Vladimer (Valo) Imerlishvili  graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, specializing in sculpture. Participated in numerous international exhibitions. He is the author of many projects implemented in Georgia and Eastern Europe. He works and lives in Tbilisi.

Vladimer (VALO) Imerlishvili is one of the most important artists of his generation. Vladimer Imerlishvili is one of the most important actors of his generation. In the first decade of the 21st century, social-cultural changes gave creative freedom to the contemporary art and the generation of the period, including Vladimer Imerlishvili, as well as the function of a creator of policy of culture and a new identity. Valo Imerlishvili’s dimensional “Mysteries”, Shota Rustaveli’s sculpture in Kiev (2007) and Irakli Charkviani’s sculpture (co-author Roko Iremashvili) in Tbilisi (2016) began to correct the “understanding” of urban sculptures of the Soviet era.

 Valo Imerlishvili has completely distanced himself from the Soviet legacy he learned at the Academy of Arts, the fine manner he nurtured from academism, and through transformation-interpretation, he has developed the form to the concept-form. For example: Shota Rustaveli’s sculpture created by him reflects the idea of Shota Rustaveli from the beginning to the end. The sculpture is made of stone and is nourished from a copy of Shota Rustaveli’s fresco in the Jerusalem Cross Monastery . By projecting the image of Rustaveli, the sculpture is lit at night. The generalized shape of the stone does not have specific characteristics and therefore its appearance changes at different times of the day. Emotional or expressive traits are included within the form. Such modeling of form by means of light is the bearer of the idea of consciousness, the radiance of the mind. The artist shares contemporary thinking models, but the connection with the Georgian plastic tradition is revealed by the principle of blockage typical for the Georgian relief, as the information marked on the form and, at the same time, the continuous process of transformation of ethnocultural identity into visual form.

Valo Imerlishvili’s project “Swing”. 2020

The three-meter installation presented with two wooden horses. The iron swing between the horses unites them. Two objects are given in one object – dynamics in statics. The movement of the swing is limited and only goes up to 70 degrees. The author talks about the incomplete cyclicity of the swing movement.

Vladimer (Valo) Imerlishvili
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