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Lia Bagrationi
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Bagrationi Lia

Lia Bagrationi is a contemporary Georgian artist who has been actively working in the Georgian art space since 2000. Member of IAC (International Academy of Ceramics) based in Geneva, Switzerland. Co-founder of the Georgian Ceramic Art and Craft Foundation The Clay Office based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Associate Professor, Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Tbilisi, Georgia. Her main working material is clay, and she has made a great contribution to the popularization of this traditional material in modern Georgian art. Experimentation and the search for new approaches is one of the important parts of Lia Bagrationi’s work, and this is probably the reason for the variety of means that we find in her work. Regardless of the medium in which she works, Lia Bagrationi always manages to accurately convey what she wants to say, while at the same time leaving the viewer an undefined space for interpretation.

On The Road – from the exhibition – A Mad Tea Party -2018


The work is made of unfired clay bricks, which in form resembles the Tower of Babel. Water is permanently pouring from the top of the tower-structure. The viewer becomes a witness to the destruction of a brick building. The property of Unfired clay brick is that if you pour water on it will destroyed. This is called Time-Based Art. This is the case when the artist no longer intervenes and the work becomes its own creator. A white canvas is stretched behind the structure, on which a shadow falls. The shadow contours resulting from the demolition will be recorded dated and will reflect the process of disintegration and become a map-like work – a black-and-white painting.

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