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Gabitashvili David 

David Gabitashvili was born in Tbilisi in 1920. He actively served in the Second World War before pursuing studies at the Tbilisi Art Academy under the guidance of Ucha Japaridze. Upon completing his studies in 1952, he began participating in art exhibitions.

David Gabitashvili’s works were notable for their narrative quality. The artist depicted the poetic aspects of life and delved into the historical-revolutionary genre. His paintings and graphic works showcased Georgia’s historical past, its contemporary life, and the aspirations and interests of its people. Notable works include “Spring” (1959) and “Towers of Svaneti” (1966), among others.

Sukhumi held a special place in the artist’s heart, evident in pieces such as Sukhumi’s Port, painted in 1957. Gabitashvili maintained a country house near Sukhumi, in Kelasuri village, and drew inspiration from the port and the lush subtropical surroundings of this popular summer resort. Additionally, he contributed to the design of plays at the Sukhumi State Theater.

In 1966, he embarked on a career in teaching at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, ultimately attaining the rank of professor in 1984. In recognition of his artistic contributions, David Gabitashvili was awarded the title of People’s Artist of Georgia in 1985, and in 1977, he received the Order of Honor.


David Gabitashvili
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