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Fogel Boris

Boris Fogel was born in Dagestan. After his father’s death, his family moved to Tbilisi (1878). He graduated from Tbilisi Gymnasium. In 1891, he continued his studies at the Law Faculty of Moscow University; 1896-1997 He studied at the Julien Academy in Paris; 1897-1902 – St. Petersburg Art Academy, then returned to Tbilisi and was a permanent participant in all art exhibitions organized here. In 1925 together with D. Gvelesian and with A.Tsimakuridze, he created a large series depicting old Tbilisi for the exhibition organized in Tbilisi Communal Museum, 1928 – for the exhibition of the same museum – “New Tbilisi”. He was a member of the association of Georgian artists “Revmas” (“Association of Revolutionary Artists”) founded in 1927. He devoted a lot of time to pedagogic activities. At first, he worked as a drawing teacher at Tbilisi Women’s Gymnasium I; since 1902 in the art school under the “Caucasian Society for the Promotion of Fine Arts”; 1911-1914 Painting and drawing was taught by N. Sklifosovski’s “drawing and painting courses” (where many Georgian artists were brought up), as well as in the “Ayartun” art studio of the Tbilisi Armenian artists’ society (he himself participated in the exhibitions organized by this society). In 1934, he moved to St. Petersburg, but did not cut ties with Georgia; His works are preserved in I. Grishashvili Historical and Ethnographic Museum of Tbilisi, the State Fine Art Museum of Georgia, the Russian Museum of St. Petersburg and many private collections.

Boris Fogel
Date of Birth/Death1872-1961Share