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Abuladze Eka

Eka Abuladze (b.1964) is a representative of the 1990s generation of Georgian artists. 1990 is also the time when her artistic activity starts. Eka Abuladze seeks her inspiration in science. The collection offered by her is presented under the conceptual title “Elementary Particles- Standard Model”, “Electromagnetics”, “Diffraction”, “Spectral Ranges”, “Alphabet as Identification of Humanity”, and “Transmutation,” etc. Although science and painting are epistemologically related and should not be infused at first glance, Eka Abuladze achieves an unnoticeable fusion of both. Some decisions are made intuitively by the artist, and “through the world” narrows her focus, drawing a personal-subjective line. The accumulated information is generated by the artist through bold colourful geometric stains that express the basic idea, the essence. Matrix depicted as an optical painting – The structure determines the existence of her art and explains it in terms of content, metaphorically, figuratively, perceptually, and cognitively.

Eka Abuladze
Period1990 -Share