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Arabuli Buba

Buba Arabuli graduated from the Art School named after Jacob Nikoladze in 1990; Faculty of Painting of Tbilisi State Art Academy in 1996. One of the main characters of the artist’s works is a woman. In color palette created with gentle pastel tones, transparent airy figures create a single decorative surface. Sometimes artist uses mixed techniques and separates different parts of the work with different textures. Personal exhibitions of the artist were held in Tbilisi City Hall (1996), Modern Art Gallery (Tbilisi, 2003), House of Writers (Tbilisi, 2014), “Silk” Gallery (Tbilisi, 2020), Georgian-Jewish History Museum (Tbilisi, 2023). He has participated in a number of group exhibitions in Georgia and abroad: “Blue Gallery” (Tbilisi, 2001), exhibition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Academy of Arts, in the National Gallery (Tbilisi, 2002), “Art Space” gallery (Tbilisi, 2012), Georgian artists Exhibition “From Firosman to Today” (Museum of Geology, Moscow, Russia, 2016); House of Georgian Culture (Kaunas, Lithuania, 2016), Gallery “Arka” (Vilnius, Lithuania, 2017), Exhibition of Georgian Artists “Feel” (Museum of Geology, Moscow, Russia, 2018), Contemporary Art Gallery “Sfumato” (Tbilisi, 2018 ). The artist’s works are preserved in private collections of: Georgia, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Lithuania and the United States.

Buba Arabuli
Date of Birth1971Share