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3 October 16:00 - 3 December 17:00


The subject of this exhibition is contemporary Israeli art represented by an Israeli art group NEW BARBIZON. New Barbizon is a celebrated group of artists – Olga Kundina, Anna Lukashevsky, Maria Pomiansky and Natalia Zourabova  – all born and trained in the former USSR and working together in Israel since 2011. They returned to the traditions of the 19th century French realist painters of the Barbizon School painting nature from observation, but did their individual update of the tradition. Rather than painting in the forest or in the field, they took to the streets of a modern city and set up their easels there. To record, document and live observing life at the same time.

“I consider this not just an artistic method taken from the 19th century tradition of French artists. The postmodern experience has shown how to operate with traditions “properly” including quotation and interpretation. The New Barbizon certainly went far ahead in the development of a modernist tradition of observational painting, in stylistic interpretations of French modernists and others. Thus they found themselves in the new artistic reality where artists’ life and their paintings are united and inseparable from each other.” (Rizdvenko Natalia)

The curator of the exhibition as well as the members of the group are all repatriates from the former Soviet Union, representatives of the generation first witnessed the socio-political and cultural realities of the Soviet period, then collapse of the USSR and subsequent emigration. All these realities are also well known to Georgia.

Why does this common background matter at all? It provides a proposed exhibition with an in-depth perspective on individual and collective perceptions of the common history. The common memory can motivate a viewer personal reflection on the artists’ individual biographies as well as geography. Kiev, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Vilnius, the cities from which the members of the group came to Israel – have always been independent cultural centers.

On the other hand, this exhibition still represents modern Israeli art which has always been quite diverse and multicultural. NEW BARBIZON is a unique example of a group approach to the creativity while maintaining a unique creative individuality of each member of the group.

Despite the fact that the artistic associations-collaborations have numerous historical precedents, for today’s life of contemporary art, this is rather an exception.

The concept of an exhibit – INDIVIDUALLY COLLECTIVE – makes the project itself doubly interesting. Gathering all the group members in one place at the same time is also a creative task. The key idea of the exhibition is to show the creative range of each of the artist. The exposition is built as 4 separate expositions, where individuality and collectivity exist in divine harmony.

Since urban plain air, an examination of social life, is an artistic method of New Barbizon artists, the exhibition is topped up with urban plain air in Georgia.

The objective of the exhibition “Individually collective” is to acquaint Georgia, Georgian art lovers with a bright phenomenon in contemporary art of Israel.

The exhibition curator – Natalia Rizdvenko

Co-curator – Lela Tsitsuashvili 


3 October 16:00
3 December 17:00
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Signaghi Museum
Shota Rustaveli # 8
Signaghi, Georgia
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