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Jemal Bjhalava
Year of birth1944Share

Bjhalava Jemal

Jemal Bjalava was born in 1944 in Martvili, Georgia. In 1973 he graduated from the faculty of sculpture at Tbilisi State Academy of Art, Georgia.

The sculptor has been involved in local and international exhibitions since 1970, including: Republican and Union exhibitions (1990-1997); Exterior Sculpture Exhibition, National Picture Gallery, Portrait Exhibition, Tbilisi (1996), Georgian Sculptor Group Exhibition in Uzze, France (1992); Solo exhibitions: Biarritz (France, 1993-1996), Basel, Switzerland (1996); “Living Stones”, Paris City Council, France (2016); “The Silence of the Stones”. Aubena Villa, France (2019).

Jemal Bjalava’s artworks are: Holy Family, Stone (1970), Mtskheta, series of works in Dariali Valley (Kazbegi), Granite (1973-1980), Peter Iber, Stone of Rike (1975), Chronicle, Diabase (1980), Portrait of Nino ( Marble, 1983), sec. George (1988), Temple of Zion Temple, Tbilisi, Diabazi, Dzelitskhoveli (1989), Marble, Mtskheta, Composition (1991), Loylan (France), Marble (France) Antique Motifs, Sculpture Cycle Heroes of Greek Mythology (1995-1996).

Since 1991 Jemal Bjalava lives and works in France.

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