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Sesiashvili Giorgi

Giorgi Sesiashvili, a sculptor, graphic artist, and teacher, honored artist of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic, was born in 1893. In 1912, he went to Switzerland to study French. At the same time, he enrolled in  École des Beaux-Arts in Geneva to study drawing and painting. Among the graphic works of his Geneva period, one group depicts the life of the Georgian countryside, and the second is the erotic scenes.

In 1913-14, Giorgi Sesiashvili moved to Paris, where he met the sculptor Jacob Nikoladze and became his apprentice. It was the relationship with Nikoladze that determined sculpture, as the future professional path of the youngster. During this period, Sesiashvili was greatly influenced by Cubist statuary.

In 1922, Giorgi Sesiashvili enrolled in the sculpture faculty of the newly established Tbilisi Academy of Arts where he once again became a student of Professor Jacob Nikoladze. In the sketches and sculptures of the 1920s and 30s, cubist influences were replaced by Soviet modernism.

In 1934, Giorgi Sesiashvili started working as a teacher at the Faculty of Sculpture. In 1965, he took the position of professor at the same faculty.

Throughout his life Sesiashvili has created a number of monumental – decorative and small sculptures; among them are the sculptural decorations for many roadside springs in the regions of Georgia. |In many of his works, and especially in his favorite format of reliefs, the line is given a dominant role with the main emphasis on its repeating rhythm and different intensity. He even developed a peculiar technique – gypsography (drawing with relief lines).

Sesiashvili sculptured portraits of E. Tsitsishvili (1941), N. Jalaghonia (1957), E. Buchukuri (1958), as well as compositions “In the Wind” (bas-relief, 1930), “After Work” (1936), “Guerrilla” (1944), “Abundant Harvest” (1956), “After Bathing” (1956), “Daughter” (1960), ” There was  Rostevan of Arabia…” (1958), all of which are kept in the Art Museum of  Georgia, Tbilisi.

 The main theme of his works is the perfectly molded beautiful human body and the variety of its plasticity during the movement.   

Along with the Art Museum of Georgia, Sesiashvili’s works are kept in private collections.

Giorgi Sesiashvili
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