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Vakho Muskheli
Year of birth1957Share

Muskheli Vakho

Vakho Muskheli grew up in Tbilisi, Georgia. He had ten years of formal art education at the Art College of Jacob Nicoladze (the renowned sculptor and pupil of Rodin) and subsequently at the prestigious Georgian State Academy of Fine Arts. He devoted four years teaching painting at the Tbilisi Children’s Art School before being appointed Art Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts. In 1990 Vaho came to the United States as an invited artist for the Goodwill Games to represent Eastern European art. Since then he has had numerous solo exhibitions in Seattle, where he teaches master classes and paints full time. Vakho’s paintings are held in private collections in the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, and Republic of Georgia.

Blind Man. 107×148, oil on canvas, 2009

Cleansing, 122×163, oil on canvas, 2016

Blind Watchmaker. 50×50, oil on canvas, 2014

White Angels of the Scarlet Land. 163×203, oil on canvas, 2011

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