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Gulda Kaladze

Kaladze Gulda

Gulda Kaladze –  the son of the famous Georgian sculptor Tamar Abakelia. In 1957 he graduated from the Tbilisi Academy of Art. He was a versatile creator. His talent and individualism were evident in painting and drawing, but his artistic passion was sculpture. During his short creative life, he managed to create a total of seventeen sculptural compositions, in which his creative potential was fully revealed – a sense of form, refinement of proportions: these are “Bunch of Grapes”, “Gantiadi”, a sculptural group.” Family” was created for the resort complex “Bichvinta”, the monumental relief for Hotel “Iveria”, the memorial ensemble to the heroic defenders of the Caucasus in the The KarachayCherkess Autonomous Oblast (Lenin Komsomol Prize).

It is worth noting the artist’s work in the book’s graphics. He designed about 30 books, left us several dozen colors, about 300 black and white, and mixed illustrations.

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