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Mamuka Japaridze
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Japaridze Mamuka

Photo by Best DSC!

Soon after graduating from the Tbilisi Academy of Arts, Mamuka Japharidze engulfed in conceptual projects and since 1987 he has been doing so.

 The medium of his works change according to the context and environment and include happenings, collections of objects and images, video projections, photography, as well as  linguistic games, drawings, sound, prints, and photo archives collected over a long period.

His work “ARTRA” was presented in the Georgian Pavilion at the 48th Venice Biennale  in 1999. In the same year a video projection “Eye Trees” was presented in Atlanta.

The artist’s works have been exhibited in the Georgian National Museum several times, including “Reframing the 80s” in 2012 and “Re: Museum” in 2014.

Together with  works by other Georgian artists, Mamuka Japharidze’s installation “Beyond Credit” was featured at the exhibition “Art in General” in New York.

“I am investigating the way the objects exist in different times and worlds beyond human´s utilitarian attitude and interpretation of time and the object itself. The main principle is the exploration of a threshold that exists between art and non-art. For me, the four-dimensional space of the work and various aspects of the event  at a given moment  are matters of special importance.

Mamuka Japaridze lives and works in Tbilisi and London.