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Iremashvili Rocko

Rocko Iremashvili –  painter and sculptor, alumnus of the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design (2005-2009) and a Guest lecturer at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts (2010 – 2012).

His  works, regardless of format and material – be it painting or video, you can find a magnetic synthesis of social protest, sarcasm, vanity and compassion. Each of Rocko Iremashvili’s projects invokes you to be involved in a process of permanent thinking. The artist is distinguished not only by his sharply expressed individuality and unusual performances, but also by his aspiration to experiment in visual arts. For him, art is not an isolated realm with didactic functions, but an organic part of daily life.

Rocko`s artworks, such as sculpture Anti-gravity and two paintings: Judith and Holofernes as well as You Can Find even Oil under Your Skin when your Homeland Needs It can be comprehended in the global context. They are dedicated to the eternal problems – to a human’s freedom and the overcoming of obstacles and barriers that perpetually come across him while he aspires for freedom. At the same time, universal themes crystallize in specific or existential issues, such as that of miners in Chiatura (a miners’ city in Georgia), disabled people, or being together and at the same time alienating from one another.

The exhibition “Buffer Intervals’’ offered by Rocko Iremashvili is a logical continuation of the artist’s creative vision. It is a process-metaphor created by multimedia accents, which always brings forth new sacramental images. According to Parmenides it is like a sphere within which everything is equally distanced from the center and nothing exists beside this sphere. If we imagine this sphere of being as an area of freedom of art and transform it into the inspiration of the conception of the exhibition, it will be understood that “being” for artist is a synonym of freedom, and it fully agrees with the relations between an artist and art.

Rocko Iremashvili
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