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Gelovani Ekaterine

Eka Gelovani Alumna of the Tbilisi Academy of Arts, she graduated in 1983 with the qualification of painter and teacher. Eka Gelovani is one of the artists to whom the painting represents the best way to communicate with people and modernity. It is in this process that she captures the birth of novelty. This attitude of the artist is confirmed even by the fact that she definitely prefers thematic, group exhibitions to personal ones. Her personal exhibitions was held both in Georgia and abroad. Despite the specifics of the genre, a series of self-portraits titled “Dialogue” demonstrates a clear example of conversation with the audience, which, at the same time, is an important psychological feature of the artist’s personal characteristics.

A different attitude is revealed in a series of “The Night Games”. Here the artist deals with the emotional characterization of the night’s energy, that makes objects and events lose their usual form, color and, consequently, the content. Eka Gelovani is constantly in search. According to the artist, “the irreversible rhythm of life is important to the artist. He must constantly discover the novelty in himself and experience what is being born and created today.”


Ekaterine Gelovani
Date of Birth1957Share