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David Gagoshidze
Birth Date1960Share

Gagoshidze David

Davit Gagoshidze, painter and restorer, graduated from the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University-the Faculty of Geography and Geology in 1982 and continued his studies at the Grabar Restoration Center in Moscow in 1984, specializing in copying medieval paintings. From 1985-1990, he studied at the Faculty of Painting at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. In 1991, he received the painter’s diploma for the work created at the Ucha Japaridze Artistic Studio. He has extensive experience in the fields of painting, drawing, and miniature; his art is influenced by Georgian medieval monumental paintings. The artist writes: “In the composition, there are no primary or secondary figures among the painted humans, animals, landscape, or plants. The shapes of the figures are made planar and do not create the illusion of a voluminous, third-dimensional object. Thus, the two-dimensional plane is strictly preserved in the drawing and is not violated; the neutral background usually enhances the two-dimensionality”. By using a certain technology, Gagoshidze creates a wall-like texture on the canvas that is dry and chaotic. Davit Gagoshidze participated in group exhibitions and had significant solo exhibitions at both the local and international levels; in 1989, at the exhibition of copies and reconstructions of medieval wall paintings dedicated to the IV International Symposium of Georgian Art at the Artist’s House in Tbilisi; in 2008/2009, a group exhibition of Georgian artists was organized at The Chambers Gallery in London; in 2013, the works of three artists – Zezva Archemashvili, Philip Charon, and Davit Gagoshidze – were exhibited in Paris. 

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