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Tsimakuridze Aleksander

Aleksander Tsimakuridze started his studies at the Caucasus Fine Arts Promotion School with Boris Fogel and Oskar Shmerling. Then he went to Moscow and studied painting in K. In Yuon’s studio. Later he entered the Stroganov Central Art and Industrial School, and in 1906 he continued his studies at the school of painting, sculpture and architecture, where his teachers were famous artists: N. Kasatkin, L. Pasternak (father of the famous poet) and A. Vasnetsov, who was reading a special landscape course. He had a great influence on the future artist. Since 1922, Aleksander Tsimakuridze has been teaching in Tbilisi in the studio of Moses Toidze, and since 1930 in the Art Academy.A. Cimakuridze was outstanding artist in Georgian art, one of the founders of modern Georgian landscape painting. His series of landscapes are well known, in which he depicts his native region with great love and emotions. He was also an excellent colorist. His works are stored in the Museums of Georgian Art, Tbilisi Historical Ethnography and Khashuri Local History Museum.

Aleksander Tsimakuridze
Date of Birth/Death1882-1954Share