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Eteri Chkadua
Year of birth1965Share

Chkadua Eteri

Eteri Chkadua  (born 1965 in Georgia) Is a artist and a designer. Currently she works and laves in  NYC, Kingston (Jamaica) and Tbilisi (Georgia). After  completing  Academy of Arts in Tbilisi , Georgia, Eteri married American linguist Kevin Tuite and moved to United States in 1988.  Eteri was one the very first Georgians who left country and could experience  leaving in the free country , that most Soviets citizens  couldn’t dream of late 80-is .  She wanted to make most of it and by using her artwork share and inspire people she left behind.  Her work introduces  her culture, it’s traditions and shortcomings and troubles at the geopolitical gunpoint , while her Art took different directions in her 30 years . Her art touched  various subjects :  race , gender, feminism,  ecology, tabooed  traditions,  gay rights , religion .With her  “Magic Realistic ” paintings Eteri presented her native country  in Venice Bienale  in 2007 . Her paintings were subjected to solo exhibitions at the Luna Kulturhus Consthalen , Sodertalje , Sweden;  Museum of Dolls and  Museum of Literature , Tbilisi , Georgia;Her paintings were included in the group  exhibitions ” Nude” ,  Aldrich Museum, Connecticut ; “Gender Check ” MUMOK, Vienna and   National Museum, Warsaw, Poland ; “Neighbors ” at the Istanbul Modern , Istanbul, Turkey. 

In 2010, Eteri in collaboration with her sibling designer Gocha Chkadua launched  LuvBomb design jewelry/dart/interior decoration. 

In  2011,  while visiting  her home town Tbilisi, Eteri in collaboration  with Gocha started to produce ongoing   project Alien Bloom –sculptural flora – entirely handcrafted from disposable plastic bottles.  This  project was designed to generates inquiry about sustainability and ecology and  to  triggered conversations about the recycling  in her native country Georgia.


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