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Bandzeladze Alexandre

Alexander Bandzeladze was born in Siberia, in Tulun, where his family have been exiled during the repressions in the 1920s, they returned to Tbilisi in 1932. 1942-1947 he studied at Tbilisi Art School. In 1947 – at the Tbilisi Art Academy, from which he was expelled two years later due to political “unreliability” (diploma was awarded in 1962).

Aleksandre Bandzeladze was experimenting and searching different styles. He worked with the same passion in painting and graphics, was a master of book illustration and a monumental artist (he painted the patriarch residence and the church of the Nativity of Virgin Mary in Didube district of Tbilisi).In chronological order, the artist experienced the influence of all those Western European movements, which developed since the second half of the 19th century. At first he was captivated by impressionism, then the artist became interested in pointillism, post-impressionism, cubism, fauvism (he destroyed most of these works 3-4 years before his death). Since the beginning of 60s, he got interested in abstract compositions.   Aleksandre Bandzeladze’s name is associated with the development of Georgian abstract expressionism and the formation of the 80s generation of Georgian non-conformist artists. His work has a milestone importance in the history of the development of new Georgian art.

Alexandre Bandzeladze
Date of Birth/Death1927-1992Share