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Alexidze David

In the 1990s artist, David Alexidze (b.1966) first introduced his artworks to the public. It did not take him much effort to get established within the Georgian artistic society, where he found his place right after graduation from the Tbilisi State Academy (1988-1991). He was a prodigy in arts, having created in his early years a sophisticated artistic system through active philosophical and critical thinking. David Alexidze’s art can most precisely be described as mystic realism. In general four trends can be identified in Davit Alexidze’s art: graphical works created with water-based paints on black background, figurative paintings on a black background (sometimes on the textured surface), yellow series and black-and-white abstractions, which altogether demonstrate the underlined position by exaggerated imaging of an object, avoid the reality and even depicting creatures. But the concept here is still not isolated from reality. David Alexidze’s art is created in the late 20th and early 21st centuries is a collection of real senses, which regardless of the richness of colours, is quite dark, although the audience does not get lost in this gloom; This is a brand-new game or idea about the game in current Georgian painting.

David Alexidze
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