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Tsiteli Kvadrati
Tsiteli Kvadrati

Management- Nino Karaulashvili

Direction- Popularization of modern art

Spheres of the interest-Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Applied and Jewelery arts
Gallery activities- The gallery was founded in 2014. There were held the exhibitions of the collections created by Tengiz Mirzashvili and Elene akhvlediani. Also, the exhibition -“ From Tfilisi to Tbilisi”, at which there were preseneted the artworks of Mose Toidze, Gogi Gabashvili, Elene Akhvlediani, David Kakabadze, Vakhtang Japaridze and etc.
The gallery has participated in the art week in Kiev, at which there were presented the modern artists.

Total space of the gallery: 50 sq.m

საკონტაქტო ინფორმაცია
Tbilisi, Paliashvili str.. 88
(+995) 322 224 947; 577 747 745