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CCA - Tbilisi
CCA - Tbilisi

Organization and management
The center is a newly-founded independent and open institution, which will work on the development and contextualization of contemporary visual culture and help Georgian/International artists to effectively address their own creative products to local and international audiences.
The Center will act as a hub in Georgia, linking and working with similar organizations around the world. It aims to stimulate inquiry in contemporary visual culture at home and abroad. Part of this inquiry will address and make known the largely forgotten period of modernist expression curtailed by Soviet censure.
Chairman - Wato Tsereteli

Strategies / Priorities
Center's actual step is to make initial renovation of the CCAT premises. The strategy of initiators is to perceive this space as an international community project.
The Center will focus on the pressing problems of public spaces in Tbilisi and elsewhere.
By organizing festivals and different events in the city Center will try to ‘humanize’, defend and develop public spaces.
Members of the CCAT team were selected to participate in a British Council program ‘Creative Collaboration in South East Europe,’ which is fully dedicated to arts involvement in the solution of urban problems.

Exhibitions of modern and contemporary art will be a core part of the Center. All exhibitions will be designed in a professional setting.
Curators from Georgia and abroad will be invited to reflect on art in its rich and multi-layered dimensions.
Contacts with experienced art centers in different countries have already been established.
Together with the Ministry of Culture program ‘Georgian Season’ the Center will permanently work on exchange projects.

The School of professional courses in visual arts and electronic sound has already successfully been functioning for 8 years.
The School is oriented to provide evening courses to selected motivated students.
Following past operations with Media Art Farm and Cumberto can be observed the intellectual and material sustainability of the school.
Students will also be involved in other activities of the Center.

The Council of Art Historians will work on the strategy and program of how to revise and rewrite art history from modernism until now.
The Council will provide a five year program.
The main goal will be to produce a series of publications to reevaluate art history beyond ideology and conjuncture.
The program will be financially supported by the TBC group.

10, D. Abashidze St., 0102 Tbilisi, Georgia
+995 77 468 446