Georgian Arts and Culture Center (GACC)
Georgian Arts and Culture Center (GACC)

Organization and management
Non governmental organization Georgian Arts and Culture Center was founded in 1995.
Brand name - "Istoriali"
President - Maka Dvalishvili

Strategies / Priorities
Fostering of the Georgian Cultural studies locally and internationally Innovative approaches to gallery and exhibition activities Preservation and Promotion of Georgian Cultural Heritage Fostering the international relations and cultural exchange Educational activities in the field of culture Supporting the development of Georgian crafts and cultural industries Ongoing Programs
International Initiative for Georgian Cultural Studies Local and Traveling exhibitions & Gallery activities Save Georgian Cultural Heritage Development of Georgian Crafts and Cultural Industries

7, N. Nikoladze St., 0108, Tbilisi, Georgia
+995 32 93 13 35 / 93 56 85
+995 32 92 13 35