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Organization and management
"Artisterium" is an artist-run, non-profit-making annual event. The name ‘Artisterium’ refers to the art club functioning at the art magazine ‘Ars’ in 1910s Tbilisi. The club was famous for its intense artistic milieu, avant-guard exhibitions, poetry evenings, lectures and other activities responding to the modernistic and cubo-futuristic tendencies of the time. The name of the event let us to restore the connections of contemporary art in Georgia to the Tbilisian modernism, thus to its roots.
Date of registration: 14.05.2009
Director: Ilia Zautashvili /+995 93 531 028 /
Curator: Magda Guruli /+995 74 325 171 /

Strategies / Priorities
Promotion of Modern culture and art fields. Promotion and development of priorities and tendencies of art in Georgia and abroad with exhibitions, workshops, symposiums and other art activities. Collaboration and integration with international cultural organizations. Popularization of modern Georgian culture and art in Georgia and abroad. Encouragement of innovatory projects. Publishing activities.

5/66 Balanchviadze St., 0171, Tbilisi, Georgia
T: +995 32 364 135
F: +995 32 379 893