International Cultural Center “Muza”
International Cultural Center “Muza”

Organization and management
Merab Berdzenishvili International Cultural Center “Muza”, established in 2005, is an access point for artists, curators, and visitors alike. "Muza" is designed as a complex, including modern exhibition, concert and conference halls, as well as a small hotel and park. The center is managed by a board of administrators.

Strategies / Priorities
The mission of Art Center Musa is to advance the knowledge and practice of visual arts and culture in Georgia through education, exhibition and public outreach programming and to provide affordable work-space for outstanding visual artists in all stages of career development.
A monthly exhibition schedule allows for comprehensive programming and assures that the Musa can react to current trends. ArtCenter exhibitions primarily focus on current aesthetic issues, contextual linkages, and community awareness. For the benefit of the community as a whole, the Musa also offers extensive educational programming throughout the year.
Programming is made possible through partnership with private, government and non-government organizations on local, regional and international levels.

Muza’s exhibition spaces: Large hall – 170 sq.m.; Middle hall – 70 sq.m.; Small hall - 50 sq.m. All halls are lit by natural and electric light.
The conference hall can host 30 people for all kinds of conferences, seminars and trainings.
The concert hall can host 210 people for concerts, performances and movies.

1, Kus Tba Road, 0162,Tbilisi, Georgia
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