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Art Academy Big Exhibition Hall
Art Academy Big Exhibition Hall

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Organization and management
The renovated gallery of the Tbilisi State Academy of Art was opened in February 2010.
Board chairman: Gia Bugadze
Board members: Kakha Trapaidze, Nino Gaganidze, Tamaz Varvaridze, Nino Chogoshvili, Nodar Amashukeli, Amiran Ananiashvili, Sophio Kilasonia, Nino Gujabidze, Matsatso Gabunia.

International projects
Thematic exhibitions
Personal exhibitions

Gallery activity
Management of the hall is accomplished by the Board, formed in accordance with the Order, issued by the Rector of the Tbilisi State Academy of Art. The board includes nine members, who are representing the academy faculties and administrations. The board is headed by the Rector and is entitled to consider the proposal or suggestion, concerning the academy big exhibition hall. The board, upon consideration of other proposals and also, taking into account the academy interests, resolves the year-long plan for arranging exhibitions and other activities.
The board will discuss proposals only in written form. The board meets once a week, on Tuesdays, and makes decisions by taking votes.
For being accorded permission to arrange exhibitions and other activities in the exhibition hall, the organizer should present a proposal.

Exhibition space
Exhibition Hall is the newly-renovated space, the total square area of which is 320 square meters (40X8 m2). The hall is divided in two spaces, equipped with heating-conditioning systems, modern lightening system corresponding with the museum and gallery standards, as well as a projector and sound enhancing system. Artworks should be located along the walls of 100 meters long, on special holders. The distance from the holders to the floor is 4 meters long, and the distance from the floor to the highest point of the ceiling is 9 meters.
The Exhibition hall is open from Monday to Friday; operating hours: 11:00-18:00.
Saturday and Sunday are considered to be after hours, that will be represented in renting tariffs.

22, Griboedov Street, 0108, Tbilisi, Georgia
T+995 32 936 899 / +995 95 334 360
F+995 32 954 562