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Gallery “Academy+”
Gallery “Academy+”

Organization and management
The gallery of Tbilisi State Academy of Art was founded in 2008.
Curator: Sophio Kilasonia

Personal and group exhibitions of young artists, experimental projects.
“Academy+” is the best space for small personal exhibitions, though the gallery view point is new media. The space of “Academy+” is the best one for showing video artworks, as well as for conceptual projects, having a character of actions.

After arranging several contemporary artists personal exhibitions, at the “Academy+” the project “Free space” was started.
This project of the Tbilisi State Academy of Art provides encouragement and development of contemporary visual art, particularly:
Analysis of the project title “free space” can be done conveniently, as well as directly. The project implies consenting the art academy small exhibition hall to the artistic-creative activities. Initiatives can be submitted by professional artists, indiscriminatory of age and experience, or by an undergraduate student of the third year and higher, currently representing the Tbilisi State Academy of Art, or higher art school and university of another country. In cases of interesting proposal-initiatives, the artist and curator may be totally freed from limitations on behalf of the gallery, the space can be freed from covering expenses too.
Exceptions may be made for amateur artists, in the case that the artist has long-term experience of participating in the visual art field, if he had participated in various projects and exhibitions.
Proposals on initiating an activity should be submitted to the PR Department of the artist’s own art academy.

Exhibition space: 22 square meters

19, Shardin St., Tbilisi, Georgia
T +995 32 936 899 / +995 95 334 360
F +995 32 954 562