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Organization and management
'Archidrome' Contemporary Art Archive (2007 onwards) serves as a presentation room where regular meetings, discussions and presentations take place. We invite local as well as foreign artist for presentations and lectures that concern the cultural events in the region.
It is about making a place where people can come and see creations, knowledge, experience and ideas that originate or are to be found in the Caucasus. It is like opening a window that gives you the opportunity to look into this field.
Archidrome team: Irina Chkhaidze, Ani Chorgolashvili, Sophia Kilassonia, Nini Palavandishvili, Lali Pertenava, Sophia Tabatadze, Nadia Tsulukidze

“Fatamorgana”. Art Zone Festival in collaboration with Laura Palmer Foundation and Archidrome presented action and performance of Polish artist Agniezka Kurant Fatamorgana. A fata morgana is an optical phenomenon, which results from a temperature inversion. It is happening always in the landscape, outside of the city: in the desert, on the see, on the highway. Kurant presented fata morgana in one of the best and still vivid examples of Social realist architecture of Tbilisi, Laguna Vere swimming pool, where one comes as to the city oasis, to an almost symbolic purification place. A week before the presentation the letters of the omnipresent advertisement overlooking the pool, the boulevards in the vicinity and the Mtkvari river disappeared. A white surface with a potential no meaning served as a hypothetic announcement either of the return of the past or the forecast for the future creating an uncertain present. The presentation happened during the working hours of the pool, and could be listened both by the audience on the tribunes, as well as regular goers in the water. Kurant believes alien intelligence comes from Earth. Knowledge is often domesticated whereas neither knowledge nor meaning should be taken for granted. New meaning can be produced only when one takes the risk of producing complete nonsense, since the distinction between sense and nonsense can never be made with certainty. Content and meaning of work are constructions, they are never a given. The action and the presentation acts as a changing, unstable, disappearing form so in the end there is no truth. Just like works which cease to be art when the context changes and the author loose control over the meaning. Misunderstanding and the irresolution of forms are often more important than what the project starts off with. Curator: Joanna Warsza. Project coordinator: Natia Gadelia “Freedom. Sexy. Young art from Estonia”. Tbilisi State Academy of Art, "Archidrome" - contemporary art archive and Group Bouillon present contemporary Estonian art in the Tbilisi State Academy of Art Big Exhibition Hall.Hannes Aasamets, Henri Hütt, Mihkel Ilus, Mihkel Maripuu (Video, Performance, and Paintings). Tbilisi State Academy of Art Big Exhibition Hall. “Reciprocial Visit. Panel - Impacts on the growing networking in the region”. Eva Khachatryan, Serra Özhan, Nini Palavandishvili. Tütün Deposu, Istanbul, Turkey. “1st International Artist Initiatives Istanbul Meeting”. GeoAIR / Archidrome participated at the 1st International Artist Initiatives Istanbul Meeting The 1st International Artist Initiatives Istanbul Meeting was organized by Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency in cooperation with Art Pie as a parallel event of the 11th International Istanbul Biennial, between 02nd-06th October 2009 in Istanbul 2010 Art Production Center Kadırga. It included discussions and presentations. The general aim of the meeting was to create a communication platform among artist initiatives from various European and other countries for sharing information, experience and best practices and in order to build new cooperations on the way to Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture. GeoAIR / Archidrome was presented by Nini Palavandishvili. Video by Stina Pehrsdotter Vajiko A. the shark - TRAIN YOUR SENTIMENTS #1 (children of market). Gallery "Shardeni”, Tbilisi, Georgia. “Border-Chapter I”. Opening / presentation. Joint project of Georgia and Argentinean artists. Caucasian House in Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia. “Poster Exhibition News Papers”. Tamaz Varvaridze presents his students. Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Poster design Studio Tamar Chabashvili. Presentation of PSWAR (Public Space With A Roof) Projects @ Silk Museum. After the presentation film screening "Artists in the Big Top" by Alexander Kluge, 1968. Special thanks to Goethe Institute in Georgia for distributing the film. Curator: Nini Palavandishvili. Sophia Tabatadze. Presentation of artworks @ Silk Museum. Curator: Sophia Kilassonia. Feminist Art Studio SPERO. Exhibition and presentation of the group @ Arci Gallery. Tamuna Archvadze, Tamar Bochorishvili, Nino Chabashvili, Ane Cheishvili, Salome Ganiashvili, Tamar Gudushauri, Kristine Kakabadze, Nino Margvelashvili, Ana Tabatadze, Salome Tsagareishvili, Anuka Tsertsvadze, Gvantsa Jgharkava, Medea Qoqiashvili, Ia Khatiashvili. Curator: Ani Chorgolashvili. Lado Pochkhua. 'The Art of Returning Home'’. Portfolio presentation and exhibition @ Arci Gallery. Curator: Nini Palavandishvili. Kote Jincharadze. Presentation of artworks @ Arci Gallery. Curator: Nini Palavandishvili.

Goga Jafaridze.”Paintings based on the texts from the book found in flea market in Basel”. Portfolio presentation and exhibition @ Arci Gallery. Curator: Sophia Kilassonia. Kote Sulaberidze. Presentation of artworks @ Arci Gallery. Curated by: Nini Palavandishvili. Nana Kipiani. Public lecture @ Silk Museum. Theme: Tbilisi/Georgian modernism, from the years 10-20 & Screening of film by Kote Mikhaberidze. Curator: Sophia Tabatadze Khatuna Khabuliani. Public lecture @ Silk Museum. Theme: Conceptual art in Georgia & Screening videos by Nino Sekhniashvili. Curator: Sophia Tabatadze. Nino sekhniashvili. Portfolio presentation and exhibition, introduction by Khatuna Khabuliani @ Arci Gallery. Curator: Lali Pertenava. Guram Tsibakhasvili. Portfolio presentation and exhibition @ Arci Gallery. Curator: Sophia Kilassonia. Koka Ramishvili. Portfolio presentation @ Arci Gallery. Curator: Nini Palavandishvili.