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  • Lectures by Gogi Khoshtaria
    Lectures by Gogi Khoshtaria
  • Artist Talk + Sound Performance By Julia Bünnagel
    Artist Talk + Sound Performance By Julia Bünnagel
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Campus is a new, alternative space in Tbilisi, Georgia – space for everyone who’s interested in Contemporary Art, Architecture, Urban Planning, Photography etc. Campus is working to have public (non formal) Library, open for everyone.
Campus was founded (March 2015) by open Group of people who gathered to fight for Art Academy of Tbilisi. Form spring 2013 group of students, professors, Artists started a big protesting movement against old system and methodologies, against views and mentality which comes from Soviet Times and hasn’t been changed till nowadays.
Campus group aims to create open, alternative space for people who is working in contemporary art field. Campus aims to change understanding about teaching art, to give information by Library and make difference with established institutions.
Campus have experimental studios for students, for kids for everyone. Campus group is working to find new ways, new methodologies to teach Art.
Campus is working on public lectures, discussions and meetings about art, architecture and important cultural movements is all around the world.

Georgia 0143, Tbilisi, Milorava str. 8,
Tel: +995 32 2 996 776